Young Banker bought his 1st Rental Property

After Invest In Property In Your 20s posted, I received a lot of positive e-mails from the readers. One of the young banker wrote to me and he also wanted to share his joy when he successfully acquired his 1st rental property.

MK is from Selangor and currently work as a banker at Kuala Lumpur. He is as young as 23rd years old only. He also enthusiastic to share his experience with my readers.

What got you started in property investing?

Since young, I indulged myself with a group of friends. Not just any usual friends, but friends that are relatively financially sound. But as years goes by when the financial situation in my family deteriorates,  I soon noticed that my close friends started leaving me one by one.  No matter how hard I tried,  I still failed to retain them. But deep down inside me,  I know the real reason of them leaving me is because to them, I am just not in the same ball park as them (financially).

Several years later, I picked myself up, dust myself, and carry myself forward with one goal in mind –> “To be much more successful than them, richer than them.”  I told myself that one day,  they will come back to me and ask me  “ How they hell did you do that?”  That was the beginning on how I started to have the burning desire on pushing myself to greater heights,  year after year.  But what got me into property investment you asked ?  Since then,  I have always been looking out for opportunities,  assets,  ways that I could make money,  in the shortest period of time to

  • help lighten my mom financially
  • show my friend that I can do it without any help from parents.

After some time, the situation in my family went from bad to worse.  That is when we, as a family decided to sell our house,  and start a brand new life with the pile of cash. And after discovering the wonders of property can do, I then studied deep into it and since then, that is how it all started.

How long do you take to secured your first rental property

Fortunately, I am truly blessed to have mentors, relatives and friends who are so generous in teaching me everything about property investment. After approximately a year of learning, I started looking for rental property. I started looking for my first rental property as soon as I fulfilled my documentation requirement by bank.

What are the criteria for your rental property?

There are 5 criterias as below:

  • Good condition
  • Minimum 5% rental yield
  • Below market value
  • “Rentability”
  • I am able to absorb Monthly deficit of RM 200 (after deduction of maintenance and bank’s repayment at  most) if there is potential for capital growth

How to you managed to find one in such a short time?

As mentioned, I have been extremely hungry in property, even until now. The fire in me just keep getting bigger and bigger. There are many ways which I used to search for property deals, ranging from friends, up to developers.


What is your feeling when you managed to secured your first rental property?

I feel GREAT ! My first rental property that I own was standing at a 7% rental yield.


There is a saying, the first step is the toughest, can you describe your journey to secured your first rental property

Yes, in fact that I had problem sourcing for down payment at the beginning.  So what I did was, I worked day and night in the event industry on a part time basis. Fortunate for me that I am not a spender, therefore  after several months of hard work, I managed to save just enough for the down payment of my first rental property.

There are a lot of “buyers” saying that the property price is sky rocket and is not affordable now, what is your opinion

I agree on the part where property is expensive, but I disagree on the part where people say property is at its peak. I strongly believe there are still plenty of rooms for property to grow.

What will be your short term and long term goals?

My property goals are as follows ;

  • By 2016 : Have a portfolio worth of RM 1 million.
  • By 2020 : Have a net cash flow of at least RM 3,000 per month.
  • By 2025 : Have a net cash flow of at least RM 6,000 per month.
  • Have a business of my own running by 30 years old ( 2022 ).


I would like to thank MK for his great sharing. I strongly believe he is able to achieve all his goals with his passion in property investment.  If anyone want to shared their investment journey, you may contact the admin.

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