8 Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Spacious on a Budget

Making a small or medium-size home feel more spacious is quite a challenge. However, it is not necessary to change the entire look of the house by doing major, expensive, and time-consuming renovations to create more space. There are ways to do it without burning a huge hole in your pocket and within a reasonably short period of time.

A small house can be turned into a spacious looking home by following some simple, yet creative interior decoration methods. If you make the best use of space, color, and creative skills, there are wonderful and budget-friendly ways of making small spaces look spacious.


1. Go For Bright / Soft Color

The lighter your walls, the better. While darker paint colors do make a room seem cozy, they often give the illusion of less space. The reason: Light colors reflect and multiply light, while dark colors absorb it. To make a room feel airy, sticks with cream, beige, light grayish-blue and lavender.

Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious


2. Create Spacious Look

Don’t go by the rules because every room has its own limitations and opportunities that can be easily leveraged by using your own ideas and creativity. For example, you don’t have to have a sofa set in your living room just because everyone else does. Go for big, comfortable armchairs instead or something else that can utilize your floor space better. An unexpected setup might make your space more useful because traditional arrangements cannot be expected to work for all types of rooms.

Use small, foldaway pieces furniture.

Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious


3. Less Is More : Edit Your Collections

Less really is more. “You simply cannot display everything you own and love.’ Instead of showcasing all of your ceramic vases, for example, divide the collection into four groups and rotate in a new set every season. The individual pieces will appear more dramatic if they’re not lost among the masses. Decorative accents that are smaller than a cantaloupe cramp a room.  Opt for a single, statement-making piece instead.

Besides, choose furniture which is not big in size and not taking up a lots of our house space.

Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious


4. Choose The Right Sofa

The upper sofa design will make your living hall looks elegant and spacious compared to the bottom sofa design. Do you agree?
Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious

5. Go Vertical

Try to make optimum use of vertical space, so that your floor space looks clear. There are innovative designs available in shelving units that offer space for keeping bulky items away.  Not ready to commit to a contractor just yet? Then choose Easy-to-install floating shelves as shown in the photo below:

Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious


6. Allow Sufficient Lighting

A wall of windows brightens a room and draws the eye out into the landscape or yard. This small living room looks fresh and expansive thanks to the gracious windows

To take advantage of natural light during the daytime. Design and location of window is very important to make sure sufficient sunlight is able to come in to our house. Don’t rely on overhead fixtures, which pool light in one spot. Try to have several lighting elements in every room. “They draw the eye around, giving the illusion of more space.”

Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious


7. Play With Mirror

Mirror is a good reflection of space and make it looks spacious.

Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious


8. Creative Furniture Arrangements

A few, simple yet practical changes can not only create a more spacious look for your home but also make every important area of the house fully functional. The best way to initiate the process is to involve all the members of the family in the planning process, so that their needs and convenience can also be factored in.

Here is a general list of changes that can be done to any room of your home to create a spacious look:

  • Place the furniture and other decor in consultation with a professional interior decorator. Furniture and lightning placed inappropriately can make even large spaces look tiny.
  • Large pieces of furniture must always rest against the longest wall of the house. Always buy small pieces of furniture, as they can be fitted according to the size of the room and are also easy to move around. Bulky furniture limits your remodeling options significantly.
  • Do not have any light fixtures installed on the ceiling, as it would make the ceiling appear lower than what it actually is. Put them on the walls instead. Use lights that do not cast shadows.
  • The color of the ceiling must always be lighter than those of the walls to give the room an appearance of being spacious.
  • A clutter-free room makes it appear naturally bigger. Create a neat and tidy look for your room by disposing unwanted items and keeping the essentials in an organized manner.

Renovation tips - how to make your house looks spacious



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