Worth the effort?

For all the house purchaser after such a long wait since your Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) signing, however, the date has been delayed. After a long wait, the property you purchased is ready for handover by the developer. However not many purchaser aware of their rights to claims from the Developer for the delayed of hand over.

Even some of the purchaser know their right but avoid going into trouble, read this post here.

Based on the post, the purchaser can claims up till RM10,000. RM10,000 is a huge sum for most of the purchasers. The amount can be used for several month of installment, or used for renovation.

Yes, of course in order to file the claim at Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli rumah, you need to put in effort.

First step is to file it at the Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah. Refer to this post on “How to file Tribunal for home buyer claims?”

Second step is to attend the hearing, refer to this post “What to prepare when attending Tribunal Hearing

Depending on your case, if need to go for next hearing.

As such, do you think if you can claim RM5,000, MR10,000 or RM20,000, will above effort worth it? Even requires you to travel 400KM each hearing, need to take day off from your work? You may made you own judgement call by your own.

Below post is written in Chinese explaining details on What is Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah?

《主题:Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah 什么来的? 》


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