Reviewed:How much Pangsapuri Widuri now compare to 3 years ago

Pangsapuri Widuri is one of the low cost flat that I ever opt for and shared with my friends. It is very suitable for those lower income earners or no income but want to have better life in the future. I managed to source this undervalue property in year 2015. I recorded down quite a few article related to Pangsapuri Widuri as below:

After 3 years, let’s check out the latest listing price from

Based on the property listing, average selling price is RM180,000 now.

What is the price 3 years ago at 2015?

 Based on the price list above, average acquisition price is at RM110,000. In year 2015, it is the year of property price coming to stagnant and slowing down.

CAGR for Pangsapuri Widuri

According to the, CAGR calculator show that it is compounded at 17.84%! It is higher than the inflation rate. If refer to the Rule of 72, all the six young investors can double their wealth in jut 4 years.


No matter how small is your property value, as long as the property is undervalued, it is a good buy. The property value will increased over time as the inflation kick in.

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