Attending Tribunal Hearing At Bertam Branch

Finally my Tribunal hearing is schedule on 24 Nov 2017. I received the letter from Tribunal Office on 15 Nov 2017. If you can recalled I filed the claim on 8 Sept 2017, you may read here. Normally the schedule of the hearing is within 30 days based on my experience file at Putrajaya. I was told that the date of hearing will be arranged by the Putrajaya office. The judge will be from Putrajaya as well and depending on the availability of the Judges schedule.

I arrived Bertam 8.30am. I went to the waiting room, there quite a few people already waiting at the room. The seating capacity is 32.

Tribunal waiting room

Tribunal waiting room

AT 9.00 AM, all of us went into the hearing room. After entering the room, there is a person to take our attendance. Each of us has to submit the notification letter from Bank to the person in-charged. The hearing started at 9.30AM upon Judge arrival.

There are two types of hearing that day, namely Technical claim and LAD claim. The Judge start the Technical hearing first then only follow with the LAD claims.

When my case number is called, I proceed to the front and presented my NRIC to the Judge. The Judge began the hearing by asking the Developer if had discussed anything prior the hearing. If no, he suggest we to have discussion in the Discussion (Bilik Rundingan) room to reach mutual agreement. We proceed to the discussion room located in front of the waiting room.


The discussion room is only for the Claimant and the Developer. There are two possibilities, either can reach the mutual agreement or not. Either one, will need to go into the hearing room and let the Judge know what is the decision so that final award can be finalized.

After the hearing, all of the Claimants proceed to the submission counter to receive the award letter. By the time received the award letter, it is about 12:15pm.

The hearing went well for me as I am happy with the outcome of the award. The LAD claimed is based on the Booking date and Discounted priced for both parcel and common facilities.

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