Time to Buy?

Above is this week EdgeProp.com main page title, “Looking for a property for own stay or for investment during this slow season, is it time to buy now or wait-and-see further?”

With the Tax Holiday (removing 6% GST and no SST) at the moment, mean the cost of the material will be cheaper as well. Buyer could take advantage from it. Thus far, i did not see any advertisement with regards to tax holidays. We can see a lot from the car dealers advertisement. One example of car dealer ads as below:

Do you noticed that, these few weeks, there is a lot of advertisement at the facebook either selling a lot of properties or seminar about properties investment start to pour in? Does it signify the market sentiment is getting better? Personally I feel that the short term outlook is still challenging for the property market. As a property investor, we still need to know what is our goals and understand the number well. Although in the slower market, there are a lot of opportunities lying around, it is time to invest or buy now whilst is in the buyer market.


Best to buy during soft market

This is the best time to buy in such a slow market. Everyone is just wait and see and not making any move. The sellers cannot find any buyers. Buyers can hunt for better bargain deal. This is the buyer market now. ”Buyer’s Market” means the buyer is in the driver seat. “Buyer’s market” means that the buyer controls the transaction. In many markets there are more sellers than buyers, which is to say that sellers are competing for buyer’s attention. They’re prepared to offer lower prices, more incentives and better terms just to keep you in the deal.Negotiate for the best deal and grab it if applicable. In the 2007 down turn, believed there are a lot of people grab opportunities and still holding it well today.

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