How To Choose A “GOOD” Tenant ?

Do you having the problem that your tenant delay the monthly rental? Every month you need to chase after for rental? Damage your house? Too demanding tenant? What will you do if you have these problems?

Recently, I met a a very success landlord guy which he owned 10 rental houses within a year. He is a very nice and kind man. I managed to chit chat with him about his success. Since he is a very experience and full time landlord, I did ask him about “how you choose your tenant, do you facing a lot of problems from your tenants?”. Do you all like to know how he shared me? Here, I will share you all about his tips to me…

To choose a “Good” tenant , he shared me we need to ask few questions to our potential tenant as below:-

colorful_question_mark 1

1). Mr/ Mrs/ Miss, why you like to rent my apartment/ house?

2). Where are you working/ study?
If he/ she is studying. Ask about the colleague/ university details and admin contact no.
If he/ she is working. Ask about the company name and supervisor contact no.

3). Where you rent your apartment/ house last time?

4). Can I have your previous landlord contact details?

Above questions are the first scanning through our potential tenants. After you have the details, you need to follow up and check through the potential tenant about the history/ background of tenancy. Normally the tenant will answers you question no.1, no.2, no.3 but very unlikely to answers you question no 4. So, just simple. If they not willing to provide all the questions details above then you can’t check through how is his/ her background . It means that they don’t show you in sincere, he/ she is a good tenant. Therefore, you will be better not choose he/ she as your tenant.

The rule is very simple to choose a “GOOD” tenant. We must STRICT to our tenant. Never be kind relationship with your tenant! This is the important message that I learned from the success landlord that I met. Thank you for his sharing!

What do you think? How you choose your tenant? Can you share us more your ways to choose a tenant?  I’d love to know what you think. Leave your questions and comments below.

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