How To Check Your Credit Records Via CCRIS and CTOS?

Before submit application for loan, do you check your credit record? It will be good to know your repayment records first before banks disapprove your loan. This is because banks will not only check your income status but will also check your repayment ability. There are 2 major systems in Malaysia that tracking individual credit records which is CCRIS (Central Credit Reference Information System) and CTOS KL Registration. It is very simple way to check your credit records via CCRIS or CTOS. Here, I will brief you the steps by steps.

How to check your credit records via CCRIS?

CCRIS or known as Central Credit Reference Information System is a computerized database system that created by Bank Negara Malaysia for credit information on about 9 million borrowers in Malaysia. You can get a free instant credit report by just walk in any branches of Bank Negara (Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching). Please remember to bring along your personal NRIC and driving license. It just take few minutes as simple 3 steps below.

Step 1: Walk in Bank Negara and proceed to CCRIS Kiosk at ground floor.

Step 2: At the Kiosk machine, insert your IC then do your thumbprint verification.

Step 3: Get a printout of your credit report with free.

Note: As checking with Bank Negara staff, there is no way to check CCRIS via online.

How to get your CCRIS report via email?

If you are staying out of the BNM branches, you may request your credit report via mail, just complete and send them the application form together with the required documents and fax/send to them. Please note that it may take 2 to 4 weeks to process your request for credit report via mail. The report will be sent to the nearest financial institutions to your home address.

Step 1: Type in BNM CCRIS [e-mail address] in the textbox, then Send SMS to 15888. RM0.20 will be charged

Step 2: Check your inbox or Spam folder, a form is attached.

Step 3: Print out and complete it

How to check your credit records via CTOS?

CTOS is a registered Credit Reporting Agency which privately runs a database maintaining information on legal proceedings against individuals and business entities in Malaysia. CTOS will provide your credit history in order to determine the risk by banks when you apply loan.

Here is the simple steps by steps to get your credit records with free.

Step 1: Log in and register at CTOS website. Then click at “CTOS User ID”.


Step 2: Fill up your IC no without spacing at the column then click “Next”.


Step 3: Fill up your email, password, confirm password, telco operator (click drop down arrow to choose either Maxis, Digi, Celcom, Umobile or others), mobile phone number and type the words in the image. Then click “Submit”.

CTOS-guide-03 CTOS-guide-04

Step 4: Then you will receive an email from CTOS for request a photocopy of your MyKad (both sides) to CTOS for verification purpose. You may send a photocopy of your MyKad with below methods:-

  • Scan the MyKad (front and back ) and e-mail to:
  • Take the photo of the MyKad ( front and back) and send via MMS to 019-201 6396, 017-337 6396, 019-673 6396
  • Post the photocopy of the MyKad ( front and back) to CTOS office

For CTOS verification process will take approximately 24 working hours.

Step 5: After 24 hours, you will receive an update via email about activation of your CTOS ID. Then login back the CTOS website at and fill up your CTOS User ID & password.


Step 6: At Selfcheck section, click “Do Self Check”.


Step 7: Read through the explanation and statutory notification, then click “Do Self Check Report” at the bottom.



Step 8: Fill up your password again at the acknowledgement and verification page, then click “Submit CTOS Self Check”.


Step 9: You will receive an email about the CTOS Self Check Report or you can view via your CTOS login page at Selfcheck section > Selfcheck Form.



Hope it will help you to check your credit records before you apply any loan. To get the latest and accurate report, you are advice to check every 6 months.

Check on the CTOS site as well that the methods through which individuals can check their CTOS score has been updated for simplicity and a better user experience.

Refer to the below Youtube for the guide as well.


    • property

      Hi Shahrul,
      Please read through the above posting for the step by step guides how to check CCRIS and CTOS.

    • property

      Hi Sheila,
      What is the error message prompt to you after you follow the step by step guide that I shared at the posting “How to check your credit records via CTOS”?

  1. sjen

    I have made payment of RM10 for the report. I expect to get my report in my email but have not received it yet.
    How long does it take to reach me in email? Or can I check my report through ctos website after payment?

    • property

      Hi Sjen,
      Normally it will take 3 working days after your CTOS User ID was activated.Yes, you can view via your CTOS login page at Selfcheck section > Selfcheck Form for the report too.

  2. sjen

    I finally received my report but it only contains basic profile info. I was expecting to see more in-depth info
    eg. financial numbers , outstanding loans etc. What does the report suppose to have?


    Hw long does it take to get d ctos self check report.i hv contacted ctos officer recently but yet to receive any feedback or response from them.wondering if the 3 working days r really effective

  4. Ard

    My salary on every 25th n my car loan due on 18th every month…i always pay my car loan after 25th…

    My concern here..if i made payment without fail every month but just delayed a few this will effect of my record for long run to apply loan??

  5. Rani

    My husband would like apply for loan. But seems that his name was blacklisted he couldn’t apply for the loan. He already make payment but till now can’t apply for the loan and it was declined. Pls advise

  6. Mohammad Nazri

    I am applying for personal loans with bank rakyat but the staff who process my loan said that I’ve got no record in ccris (fresh without having any history with the bank). I’ve been using 2 credit cards for more than 6 month already. I’m using the cards only to have a financial records with bank. The only records in ccris as for now is approval for my credit cards application. Please advise what I need to do. thank you

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      YEs, if your record “too clean”,mean no loan, Bank also no confidence if you can repay the loan or not. Since you have using the credit card for 6 months,then you may go back and apply again. The most important is you pay your credit card on time.

  7. ling

    Is it necessary to do a credit report? I recently got scammed and i was afraid that they might use my personal information to create an account or asking for any loans using my personal details. Are they able to do that? Please do advice.

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Credit report is for self is not a must.if you have concern,then you may walk into bank negara to check

      • ling

        So if they only have my ic number, they are unable to open an account or ask for loan in my name, right? Because more personal info is required right To prove that you are a legit?

  8. Reeiison

    Dear CPM (chat property malaysia)

    how do i clear my name from CTOS ?
    I had writs for housing loan with hong leong bank 2 years ago but i have settled the full payment and also received the release letter from the bank. There is no outstanding payments between me & the bank.

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Hi, you may write to Hong Leong and telling them your situation. Normally Bank will give you a discharge CCRIS also showing same thing?

  9. Mawar

    What does it mean with “B.P.H” in the outstanding credit facilities and what does “Not Applicable – please purchase at MYCTOS Score Report” means?

    CTOS will update everything in the report before they send it to us right?


  10. Afiq

    I have check my CCRIS status via txt msg. But the only reply I get is to fill the form manually and post. Is there any direct way to get the status via email/sms?

  11. ariff

    it is just a matter of interest cos at the look of things and at the ways how much the bank trust ctos more than the jabatan insolvency coz like the problem I ENCOUNTER THE INSOVENCY REMARKS WAS I AM NO A BANKRUPTCY BUT IN THE CTOS REPORT IAM ONE so whatever loans i applied will be rejected so bto say that the insolvency report is a bluffed or the ctos are not updating their system for their benefit or what nobody knows is our government that untrusted and unworthy to the extend that they need a private company to overrule them rather than vice versa please look at this problem seriosly an get the licence of companies like ctos to be checked of their authenticity.juz a matter of knowlewdge

  12. Hi, I was checked in bank negara via kiosk,shown in the kiosk that I still hve outstanding payments on my car loan,but eventually I has settled my full settlement.unfortunately Hong Leong bank was sent me a letter that I still have outstanding creadit card on my previous Eon bank. as I know Hong Leong has been taken over Eon bank. but how come bank negara without shown in koist my outstanding payments on my creadit card?
    One more questions, I m planing apply my new loan of housing and car from the bank,is it any record in ctos since bank negara no record my outstanding creadit card before….

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Hi Darren, you need to check with your bank on those issue. Sometime it will take up till 6 months to clear the status in Bank Negara

  13. Leeml

    Can a company report to cos if I own them rm350.00?
    I didn’t pay them cause it was not me who wanted to purchase but they send to me hoping after 6 months of free usage, which I never use at all, and I totally forgot about it, and now they are said, they are going to report my name to ctos.

  14. Nina

    Hi, is it the content of ccris & ctos was the same? I have a record of summons in ctos but that loan I already settle with the bank in March. Now in August still there is a record in ctos. Is it the record will remain? I already update in inform about this on June and they said will update. Kindly advise. Tq

  15. Jayz

    Hi, I only have PTPTN loan obligation and been missed two payments previously. However, as of today I have no arrears with PTPTN. Will Banks reject my personal loan applications?

  16. Nye kok weng

    I just buy my CTOS report, but I’m very sure fully settlement for my outstanding, but why my Ctos report last page still have special remark ? That means I still haven’t paid clear my outstanding?

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Dear Nye Kok Weng, 2 things you can do:

      1) you may write in to CTOS to check
      2) Check with your bank that had done the settlement and showed them your CTOS report

  17. Logeswaran

    Wheres the ctos office located in terengganu ?? I need to get my ctos report.. i tried online few times but i cant register

  18. Lilian

    Is tht safe provide personal information and scan our ic thru online self check ctos website? Will ctos company sell our personal information to third party?

  19. Azmidah

    Hai pls help. I cant login. Its pop “ login failed due to missing associated profiles. Please contact CTOS for further clarifications”.

  20. Chicken

    Hi there, how can i know if someone used my i.c number and surely they had the copy of my i.c.
    Is theres anyway for me to know if im involved with unauthorized loan or something?

  21. Ahmed

    i was declared bankrupt and last year april 2018 i was discharged by High court by me settling on the agreed amount.
    Recently i tried opening a CDS acount with a local bank.My application was rejected saying still have pending case and so on.
    The question is why my name is not removed from such a list?

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