Can an employee become millionaire?

I was once thinking that as an employee it is impossible to become millionaire. This is because no one had ever become millionaire by just being employee for 30 years when retired at the age of 55 years old.

You may ask what are the strategies or is the formula very complicated? Not at all, you only need to do one action which is “Saving  Consistently”! Yes, only do this and I am sure it will not hurt your lifestyle as well.

Saving to become Millionaire

In order to become millionaire when you are retired, you need to save at the first month of your working career. We need to leverage on a MAGIC tool called “Compounding Interest”. It is eight wonders of the world. I am giving you a very approachable saving formula and you can Do It Yourself without any Financial Advisors.

Million dollar saving plan:

Assuming that after your graduation and start your career with initial monthly salary of $2500. You just required to save $600 to your “Million Dollar” saving account. At the same time, your EPF account will have 13% contributed by you and another 11% by employer. Let see how much will you will have.

Assuming your starting salary is $2500 per month

Saving per month = $600

EPF from employee = $2500 x 13%

= $325

EPF contribution from Employer = $2500 x 11%

= $275

Total EPF account = $325 + $275

= $600 per month

Current bank Fixed Deposit rate is 3.0% whilst EPF yearly dividen is average at 6%. Both interest rate is used for the calculations as below:

Million Dollar Employee

Wow, you will be having $1.21 million when you are retiring at the age of 60 years old for Scenario 1.


If you think you will be having difficulty on saving $600 per month during your initial career life, then you can reduced to $300 per month. You will still having one million ringgit at the retirement age.


This is just a simple million Ringgit saving plan without any stress, just required your consistency of saving habit to reach the goal.

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