What is your hourly rate?

On the beautiful Sunday morning, my friend text me how do I renew my road tax. I shared with him before that I renewed my roadtax and insurance online through MYEG.com.my

[09:39am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: WHICH INSURANCE COMPANY U CHOOSE?

[10:28am, 10/7/2018] Me: I forgotten. Probably Takaful, I cannot recalled.

[10:44am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: kurnia cheaper

[10:44am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: thanks for ur input

[10:44am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: i can do myself on line

[10:45am, 10/7/2018] Me: ?

[10:46am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: got 10% rebate

[10:58am, 10/7/2018] Me: What is the actual amount save?

[10:59am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: about RM50.00

[10:59am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: I use the kurnia insurance website instead of myeg..

[11:06am, 10/7/2018] Me: How long to figure out this huge saving?

[11:07am, 10/7/2018] Friend J: about half hour

[11:17am, 10/7/2018] Me: Good effort….RM50 earned in 30 minutess

[11:17am, 10/7/2018] Me: U should earn RM800 per day (8 hours x RM100 per hour)

A dollar save is a dollar earn. Based on the above converstation, what is your opinion?
Spent 30 mins just to find out how to save RM50? Worth it or not? How much you can save per month or per year?

If spend the 30 mins to study a way to make RM50 per hour, will it be better?

I will give you another perspective.

Tutor hourly rate

My son private tutor is charging 1 subject RM60 per hour. He is earning RM1 per minutes. If he charge RM120 per hour, than basically he is getting RM2 per minute.
With limited hours that he could give tuition, his income also limited.

Let’s compute the whole month salary. If a person is paid RM1 per minute, his hourly rate is RM60 per hour. For an employee that work 8 hours per day on 5 days week.
His monthly income is computed as below:

8 hour x 60 mins x RM 1 x 5 days x 4 weeks = RM9,600 per month

RM1 per min rate is very good for majority working Malaysians, do you agreed?

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