Site visit to Bandar Perda Single storey shoplot

A close friend of mine share with me a great deal available in Bandar Perda Uptown single storey shoplot. It has been a long time I am looking for good deal for shoplot for years but to no avails due to escalation of the properties prices.

Without much hesitation, i went to the site visit in the afternoon to do due diligent.

From Google map, there are few rows of the Single storey shoplots there. There are double storey shoplot as well which my friend owned a unit there as well. The Prominence, a new condominium which is under construction just beside the location. There will be a road access from The Prominence lead to this area. As such, foresee more convenience in term of the access to the Bandar Perda Uptown. Foresee with the development will further boost the business in the area.

Below are some of the site visit photo on the two rows of the site. The occupancy rate is 90% and there are various of business over there. Shop lot estimated land area is 1350 sqft with build up 1200 sqft.

img_20160827_154026 img_20160827_154040 img_20160827_154043 img_20160827_154058 img_20160827_154105

People there suggest me that to do a visit at night to see how happening it will be. This place is famous with night market daily and it is vibrant from 8.30pm onwards.

From the search,there is not much seller on the shoplots at the uptown. Even there is seller for single story shoplot, the asking price is RM400,00. Asked few business owners there, the rental for the single storey shoplot range from Rm1,300 to RM1,800.

As such in order to achieved 6% rental yield with Rm1,800 monthly rental, the target purchased price will be Rm360,000.

Quick search from mudah site, only 1 seller for the double storey shoplot available.


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