A day trip to USJ One Avenue site viewing

Yesterday I made a 1 day trip to KL to view USJ 1 Avenue. Start journey at 7am and reach USJ 1 Avenue at 11 am. A smooth drive on the North South Highway and able to reach in 4 hours with 2 stops for bio breaks.

The moment I reach in front of the Summit Hotel, the traffic jammed started. The MRT construction is in progress not too far away from the Summit Hotel. A big shopping mall almost ready beside Summit Hotel.

Traffic Jammed

The traffic jammed lasted for 20 minutes for just 500 m. After passing the congested traffic light, the rest of the journey towards USJ One Avenue is smooth.

I noticed it passed through a small industrial area, before reaching the destination, I am passing through a mosque and a Petronas Station. I am not sure why the Petronas station is closed down.

There are a lot of car park along the road that lead to the One Avenue. It is a good sign on the occupancy rate. It just means that there are not enough car park in the One Avenue. While waiting for the registration at the guard house, I wanted to take photo of the One Avenue, I was stopped by the a Guard saying I am not allowed to take photo from outside. This is the first time a guard told me cannot take picture. Good sign of hardworking security. It also implies that the security is tight in this condominium.

Car parked along road

From the internet research, I only know there will be 2 blocks which is Block A and Block B. However, when I walked into the compound, I saw 3 blocks. There is Block C which not found in the internet. After I talked to a security guard, knowing Block C having bigger unit and commanding higher value of resale price. He told me currently there area people selling at $900,000. Wow…….that is almost a million dollar house. I spent 4 hours in the One Avenue which viewed 2 units.

We viewed the unit 19 which is on the top floor. There are 3 lift available at Block A and all lift are in functioning. The lift operation very smooth and quick. It does not caused me dizziness or ear blocked. The lift design is glass widow and transparent. It will be very safe and able to know who is inside and what is happening as well.

USJ One Avenue Block A Level 19

This is the first unit to be viewed. Before going into the unit, since it is at the top floor, I went to see the open garden at the top floor. The scenery from the top is awesome. Everything maintained it quite well. Can have barbeque party at the cloud 9. There is another 2 function rooms at the top. However, both functions room did not well kept for Block A.

The unit is fully renovated and fully furnished. It is facing the pool view and it is very windy. Just not sure why the living room aircond and 2nd room aircond not able to turn on.

There are only one negative point of this unit which is there are sign of leaking in the 3rd bedroom. It may be not serious but it is a worrying sign. There is one more leaking trail in the living room as well. I went to the roof top and assess how difficult to fix the leaking if problem persist.

More picture on the interior of the units photo can be found here.

USJ One Avenue Block A Level 9

We went to view another unit at the middle floor after 40 minutes later. This unit also is a fully renovated and full furnished. The interior design is superb compare to the earlier unit. The details of the unit photo can be found in here.

The owner family is available to welcome us for the viewing. From the conversation understand that the owner bought this house for his son since his son is since he is studying at Subang.

Before our arrival, the living hall already ON and once we walked in, we feel cosy. It is a smart move. The balcony sliding door is closed and I walked towards to open it to see what is outside. To my surprise, there is a big sewage pond 200 metre away. This view had hugely discounted on my first great impression on the unit.

I try to talk to the owner son if he had smell something funny during his stay there. He is an honest guy buy replying, “ There is occasion will have funny smell, may be once a month either in the morning or in the afternoon.”

During on my way down, I bumped into a lady taking the same lift with me. I asked her if she ever smell anything funny since her unit also facing the sewage pond. She replied that for the past 7 years she did not smell anything.

Top Floor GardenView from the Top Garden

Security at One Avenue

One great points to take note on security, I can see security guard in following area:

  • Guard house (similar to others)
  • Gym room
  • Car park area
  • Ground floor of the block near the lift

In one word, the security guard is everywhere. I managed to talk to a security guard and asked is there any break in cases reported? His replied that he had been here for 7 years, it means since the beginning. He said that not he know off. So good?

There is a convenient store, a saloon and a restaurant inside the One Avenue. It can make the life easy for all the resident of One Avenue.

Overall my one day trip viewing let me more understand on One Avenue surrounding and internally. It sound a good place to stay and can invest if the number is right.

Facilities in the One Avenue


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