About Us

We are property lover with different background, from engineer to online entrepreneur to sales profession.

We have same goal, that is to share first hand and unbiased property related information and analysis.

Adding up together, our property portfolio had grow to double digit unit properties.

Thus we are here to offer you a new pair of glasses, from our perspective and experience of dealing with different properties location, from Penang to Ipoh to Klang Valley to Melacca to Iskandar Johor, and from most helpful agents, lawyers and bankers to the most unhelpful one.

Though you wear our glasses and see the view from our perspective. BUT, don’t believe in what we said.

Instead, do your own analysis and due diligent before come to any conclusion and commit to any property purchase.

Do email us if you need any consultation on property, we will do our best to help if it is within our mean and ability.


disclaimer : these are all our personal views and in no way represents any professional views of any parties